Monday, July 12, 2010

We finished working on the new pantry last weekend! It looks great and we're really pleased with it and also with all the space it has for storage. It's going to make it not matter at all that the kitchen's cabinets aren't all that spacious. There's plenty of space for the stand mixer, all the plastic bowls, tons of canned goods, and the cabinet we got to put all the toxic stuff into. Oh, yes, it also holds a new smaller freezer. The huge old freezer way down in the basement is being decomissioned and is going on Craigslist.
The funny part is how I finished remodelling the big section of the back room two years ago and just never got around to the pantry. A lot of tools and supplies just got left in there and we never got the floor put in. It sat for two years, a total mess, with the door on it just closed. I don't know if it was burnout from the other project or just simple procrastination. You'd think that two years is a huge amount of time to leave it unfinished, but it didn't seem that long.
When we finally got moving on it, it took us less than two weeks to finish it up. First, we gave up on the idea of using the rest of the laminate flooring in there. The floor was just way too wavy and unlevel, even in that small space. So we got some stick on tiles and Gary put down some composite board for subflooring. I slapped down the tile, doing my usually great job in record time. After that it was easy. The molding was already pre-painted and stacked against the wall in the basement, and we already had the window purchased. Gary sliced it all up neatly and with no waste (there was barely enough molding) and we put it all in place. Then the window went in and the molding on the outside and inside was caulked and painted!!! Gary brought up some shelves we already had in the basement (we'll deal with the piles of junk in the basement later) and we got some lighter shelves for the light stuff. Voila!!! It's done. I'm stiff and sore and exhausted, but it's done!!!

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  1. YAY! :) you should put up the pictures on here too!