Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dolly and Kitty - by Pam Miller

I am so happy, this bright, shining day
For Dolly and Kitty are coming to play.
I’m baking fresh cookies and setting out tea
For Kitty and Dolly are visiting me.
I’ve laid the playdresses out on their beds,
And the hats that they both like to wear on their heads.
The birds are all singing, the sky is bright blue,
The roses are heavy and sparkling with dew,
The sweet smell of honeysuckle hangs in the air,
And Dolly and Kitty won’t have a care.
Oh, No! that’s the phone, and now I am sad,
For Kitty’s been naughty and Dolly was bad.
They wouldn’t stop fighting and can’t come to play,
So I sadly start putting the cookies away.

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